Hello! I'm Jo Dyer and I think we deserve better government.


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We need a change of government and a reset in our toxic politics.

Over the last 30 years, I have established a successful career as a literary curator, and film and theatre producer, holding leadership positions with some of Australia’s key cultural organisations. Since 2018 I have been Director of Adelaide Writers’ Week and presented my final festival in March 2022.


A commitment to culture and ideas is central to South Australia and is the defining motivation of my professional life.  Despite flirtations with electoral politics in my (much) younger days, I never anticipated running for parliament again: it is a combination of frustration and inspiration has brought me to this point. 

Our planet is burning. Business as usual is no longer an option. 


The major political parties have demonstrated they are unable to deal with the existential crisis of Climate Change. Instead of developing solutions, the Morrison Joyce Government has focused on using this profound challenge as a political weapon; Anthony Albanese and his team are terrified of again falling victim to Australia’s endless Climate Wars and are timid as a result. 


We are all the losers. 


As sleaze and shame swept through our parliament and our politics this year, it was the Independents on the crossbench who stood up to say “Enough”. Helen Haines introduced a bill for a rigorous National Integrity Commission. Zali Steggall introduced a bill to monitor our action on climate and keep us on track to reach our targets. Like Cathy McGowan before them, Zali and Helen represent a new kind of politician, accountable only to their community and the vision they have articulated.  


It’s inspiring stuff. 


Let’s elect more Independents to join Helen, Zali and Centre Alliance’s Rebekha Sharkie and we can hold the balance of power. Independents can drive policy change, hold the Government to account and truly represent the people they serve at a community and a national level. 


It’s time to reset. #GowithJo in 2022 and together we can transform our nation. 

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Agree with me? Help my campaign! 

Even a small donation helps. This allows me to run competitively.

Agree with me? Help my campaign! 

Even a small donation helps. This allows me to run competitively.