Major Donors

The Dyer for Boothby campaign believes in real time disclosure of political donations above $1000.  


If you are contributing $1001 or more, firstly, many thanks!  Secondly, please be aware we will list your name on our website.

The Dyer for Boothby campaign at all times complies with the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.  The Act prohibits the knowing receipt of donations from foreign donors.  As a result, we only accept donations from Australian citizens, permanent residents and Australian companies.

A huge thank you to those who have donated over $1000 to the campaign!​ 

  • Climate 200: $20,000

  • Michael Kantor: $15,000

  • Bill Vickers: $5000

  • Deanne Weir: $5000

  • Ben Appleton: $2000

  • Bernadette Brennan: $1500

  • Roger Druce: $1500

  • Michael Lynch: $1500

  • Judith Hoy: $1125

  • Mark Storer: $1050

Agree with me? Help my campaign! 

Even a small donation helps. This allows me to run competitively.