Media Releases

19 May 2022
Thousands of South Australians denied access to Fed election voting [PDF 171KB]
18 May 2022
Morrison-Joyce Govt fails to fund breast screening for all women [PDF 185KB]
16 May 2022
Injustice within Australian government’s key institution [PDF 365KB]
11 May 2022
Fed Govt urged to fund upgrades for community hospital at risk of closure [PDF 375KB]
5 May 2022
Change to voting preferences [PDF 378KB]
4 May 2022
Urgent funding needed to support Marion residents in crisis [PDF 360KB]
30 April 2022
Renunciation of Jo Dyer's British citizenship [PDF 360KB]
22 April 2022
Boothby Independent challenges all parties to reveal their donors [PDF 185KB]
21 April 2022
How Independents bring integrity to Parliament – a discussion with Senator Rex Patrick & Jo Dyer [PDF 206KB]
10 April 2022
Vote Independent in Boothby to reset Australian politics in 2022 [PDF 198KB]
8 April 2022
Climate 200 backs Jo Dyer for Boothby [PDF 193KB]
5 April 2022
Boothby Independent candidate Jo Dyer holds Climate Forum [PDF 361KB]
1 April 2022

Federal Budget fails to deliver $70m to flood-proof Adelaide’s southwest [PDF 209KB]

20 Feb 2022

Campaign Launch Speech [PDF 107KB]

5 Jan 2022

Failure on COVID-19 testing rivals the vaccine rollout [PDF 395KB]

13 Dec 2021

Independent candidate announced for marginal Boothby seat [PDF 351KB]

Latest News

15 May 2022
Administrative Appeals Tribunal demoted barrister for making decisions against the government, he claims
1 April 2022
Jan Fran Has Issues - podcast episode with Jo Dyer
April 2022
The Monthly - Independents and the balance of power
6 March 2022

SA Life – My South Australian Life Q&A

3 March 2022
The Advertiser - Boothby independent candidate Jo Dyer in talks to join Simon Homes a Court’s Climate 200 Group
22 February 2022
Triple R FM - The independents running to reconstruct modern Australian politics
16 February 2022
ABC Radio National - Jo Dyer: Burning Down the House
14 February 2022
The Guardian - ‘It can be done’: how a strong female cross bench could challenge Australian politics
10 February 2022
Crikey - How to Fix Democracy webinar
22 January 2022
New Politics - The independent voice of Boothby: Jo Dyer
15 December 2021
The Chaser - Jo Dyer on why on Earth she’s running for Federal parliament
14 December 2021
Women’s Agenda - Jo Dyer to run in Boothby as Independent
13 December 2021
The Advertiser - Former Adelaide Writers’ Week director Jo Dyer to stand as an independent in seat of Boothby
13 December 2021
The Guardian - Jo Dyer, advocate of Christian Porter’s accuser, to stand as independent in Boothby

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